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Accidents Happen

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Insurance Options to Fit Your Needs

CYA for Students covers almost anything you bring with you. Our warranties cover cell phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, mini fridges, headphones, sound systems, printers, cameras, space heaters, microwaves, and dehumidifiers. These warranties include coverage for accidental damage, water damage, and hardware failure. Bundle multiple items under one plan so you can keep track of your warranties easily, paying one low monthly fee for everything you’ve got covered.

Month-to-Month Warranty
Low Monthly Fee
Zero Commitment
Flexible Coverage
Low Deductibles

Bundle & Save

Covering more assets equals more money in your pocket! As the bundle increases, so do the savings.


TV + Gaming

TV + Gaming bundle


Refrigerator + TV + Microwave

Refrigerator + TV + Microwave bundle


Phone + Laptop

Phone + Laptop bundle

Educational Pricing

College life can be financially challenging. Educational discounts are available to students currently in school.
Simply provide your .edu email address during checkout and we will do the rest.

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Social Good

At CYA, we are not just about turning a profit! We are committed to helping our communities and fellow people of the world wherever and however we can. If you don’t file any claims against your policy we will donate between 10% - 25% of your premiums in your honor to the charity you select. The longer you go without a claim, the more percentage we donate. Thank you in advance for helping us support of these wonderful causes.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness

  • Prostate Cancer Awareness

  • Leukemia Awareness

  • Colon Cancer Awareness

  • Bone Cancer Awareness

  • Lymphoma Cancer Awareness

  • Lung Cancer Awareness

  • AIDS/HIV Awareness

  • Childhood Cancer Awareness

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